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Why Would I Need a Real Estate Mentor?

How To Find the Best Real Estate Mentor For You

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As a new real estate agent, you have been doing all of the “right” things to launch your career. You’re networking. Learning about your market. Working on a prospects list. Still, getting started in real estate can be challenging, especially in the first year or so. Go get a Real Estate Mentor.

Training By Example is an exceptional real estate training program that will teach you techniques and knowledge typically found only found in the world of finance and law. While there are many online training programs and books out there, Many of Real Deal Agent’s training targets and deep dives the practical aspects of the real estate industry, like negotiations, buying and selling, closing, marketing, decorating, and much more. This training emphasizes fundamentals and focuses on less technological territory, such as marketing memes, “selling the dream,” thrifting, and cable channels. To obtain an expert real estate license, you also will have to pass exams in Georgia, NC, and South Carolina. See a listing of the training schedule  here Visit us at and email us directly with Series A or B opportunities at eel free to connect with Sammy Abdullah on LI.

Case in point — not wanting to learn about a technology that’s going to be all over the industry! Contrary to popular belief, there is no one ‘secret sauce’ within the industry.

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There are many, many unique aspects that you must master in order to thrive.

In your field there are typically three distinct levels of the ‘landing page’ — these are the ‘inquiries’ stage. The ‘dates’ stage is where you market to prospective customers. The ‘sales call’ is where you conduct business with, if you have one.

And the ‘closing’ is where you actually close the sale! Not only that, it’s important to understand how virality works in this area of the industry.

It’s not just your job to keep people coming in; it’s your job to constantly nurture those same people and provide them with opportunities to achieve personal growth. Prospective first-time buyers simply want to buy a home!

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