Wholesaling Real Estate

Wholesaling Real Estate – Introduction and Getting Started

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Wholesaling Real Estate can be very profitable.  Additionally, it does not require a license in most states, and you can do it from home.  You don’t need much money to start.

Wholesaling is the art of finding cheap properties with values 50-70% of their market value, to get them under contract. Then, we can sell the rights to purchase that property to the end buyer. This person usually makes money fixing and flipping. In conclusion, WE, the wholesalers, make money by finding this great type of deal.

Who is This Wholesaling Real Estate Training for?

This training is for real estate Wholesalers, Investors, Realtors, Brokers, and basically anyone who wants to find a house dirt cheap. In this course today we will talk about how to effectively place your signs, developing and purchasing buyers list, developing & purchasing sellers list, importing those list into a multi-line professional caller.  Cold Calling real estate wholesaling is a top priority for you every day.

How To Find Wholesaling Deals?

We will talk about the ratios and numbers that break down how advertising and marketing dollars should be spent. In real estate marketing, we will discuss staying organized in your multi-line professional caller. We will talk about the setup of your multi-line professional cold caller. And lastly, we talked about social media advertising to attract sellers and buyers to your website. 

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