When to Fire Your Client in Real Estate

When to Fire A Client in Real Estate

Sometimes it’s hard to let go… I know you want that commission check, and I know you need to pay your bills, but sometimes in real estate, you must let some clients go.  I worked with someone and showed them 42 homes, and I finally came to a conclusion they are not going to buy, just wasting my time.

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Realtor Upset With a Client That Cannot Make a Decision

Time is your most precious asset, and you must protect your time just like you would with other valuables like gold, diamonds, credit cards, etc…  Your time is irreplaceable, so instead of you chasing a client that is going no where, you could be spending that time on prospecting, self-healing, or with your family.

Time is more valuable than money. Quote.
Time is more valuable than money, it is most precious asset

So when do you know when it’s time to cut the cord?

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Cut the client loose… It’s a tough decision, but one you must make as a realtor
  1. If the client refuses to show you a pre-approval letter
    1. That’s a huge red flag they are just looky loos … which is fine, but they can call the listing agent for that.
  2. If the client seems to be to undecisive, they cannot make a decision.
    1. First sit down with the client prior to viewing homes and come up with a needs vs wants list
      • So for instance 
      •   Needs
        • 3 bedroom
        • 2 bath
        • 1200+ sqft living
        • 5000+sqft lot size
        • Zoned to Blank Elementary
        • No older then 30 years of age (Home built after X)
      • Wants
        • Pool
        • Big Closet
        • Marble Counters
        • Brick Exterior
        • Spiral Staircase

Why is defining your clients needs important?

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Define your clients needs and wants.

You are the guide in this journey, so you must act like one. Create a folder for your client with the homes you are going to see. Use one of those folders that have a 2 punch hole on top. Like this one.

This will help your clients stay organized, this is so helpful for clients that are indecisive.

At the end of the showing ask them what did they like or dislike about the property, then ask them to score the property on a 1-10 score. 1 being it sucked and 10 being it is awesome. This will help you and the client narrow the properties down.

Then at the end of the week or month, grab the notes and score cards, and try to get the client to make a decision, even if that decision is to put in a lower offer then listed price. This seems to get the clients feet wet, and gets the ball rolling.

Learn to Say NO to Time Wasting Clients

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