What are The Benefits of HPAgents 100% Brokerage?

HPAgents is a Texas 100% Commission Brokerage that fills a gap, since most, or should I say all 100% commission brokers give absolutely NOTHING to the agent except the commission split. HPAgents solves this problem by giving our agents an abundant amount of benefits and features including;

100% Commission Podcast – Press Play Below

Free Education including our Paid Courses

Middle aged woman watching professional training class online virtual meeting.
Free Training & Education including HPAgents Paid Courses… All Free To Agents

Free Real Estate Leads

Free Real Estate Leads to Realtors at HPAgents.com

Our farm area is the Greater Houston Area, and has been for 15 years. Therefore, we receive online, and in-person leads daily. Those leads will be sent to the realtor on duty. If that realtor is not available, the lead will be sent to the next available realtor. You can chose to accept this lead, send the lead to your team, and send the lead to the next available agent on duty.

100% Commission Received WITHOUT a Sales Cap

100% Commission Broker without a Sales Cap
100% Commission Broker without a Sales Cap.

With HPAgents, you are given 100% commission from day 1. For instance, most brokers will only allow you receive 100% commission only after you have sold X amount of homes.

Social Media Advertising to over 44,000+ Houston Fans

Social media
We done the hard work for you… With A combined Fan Base of 44,000+ Fans this will make it easy for you to promote yourself.

Free Mass Text Messaging Software – Reach 1000’s of prospects with one click

MASS TEXT MESSAGE SOFTWARE SMS Available to HPAgents Realtors Free
  • Access to Mass Text Message Advertising Service
    • This allows you to import your client/prospect list and send PERSONAL text to each client/prospect
    • This is a great way to get some business fast
  • Access to the Texas Data Directory
    • The data directory allows you to receive home owner information + contact information (email, phone, mobile phone, etc..) + home statistics (beds, baths, mortgage, buy date, liens)

Start Branding Your Own Company Name

HPAgents allows you to work under your own DBA, LLC, or Incorporation. This way you can start branding your own company name.
  • Access to Creating Your Own DBA and Start Branding Your Company
    • If you want to start your own company then you will need a DBA or LLC.
    • HPAgents allows you to setup your company and even setup your satellite branch with MLS & Texas Real Estate Commission
      • This will show your company name for Listing Agent instead of HPAgents
      • This is a great way to start your branding, as it avoids confusion.

Team Building with YOU earning a Percentage of Your Team Members Commissions

Creative team in the office
HPAgent Team Leader with 2 Team Members

HPAgents allows you to create your own team, and along with creating your team you are able to keep a percentage of their commission. For instance, you recruit 5 team members and place them under a 90/10 split. You keep the 10% as the team lead. This can get extremely profitable, and a great source of extra stable income.

Example: 5 Members on 90/10 Split sell one home per month at average $300K will generate you an extra $4500 a month as residual income.

Number of Team Members5
Average Sale$300000
Split 90/10% (with Team Leader (YOU) Keeping 10%)10%
Team Leader (YOU) will earn Per Sale (which is 10% of 3% of avg sale)$900
Total EARNED for Team Leader (YOU) for 5 Team Members$4500
Example of Team Leader Income Generated from Team Members

Home Owner Data Directory a $1000 Value

Data Directory Allows You Access to Home Owner Contact Info + Mortgage Info + Home Statistics of a complete neighborhood or selected area

The home owner data directory is now a free value for our realtors. The data directory gives you access to home owner information such as home owner name, phone, email, age, birthdate, plus mortgage info – lien holder, purchase date, last date of change in title, lien amount, etc..

You can pull the data from this directory and then import into your mass text software, this can lead you to some great listings very quickly. You can also use this data to contact expired listings, announce an open house, brand awareness, and so much more.

Is 100% Commission Right For You?

100% Commission is perfect for a real estate agent that likes to work independently. HPAgents offers full online live training weekly, which allows even new agents to join a 100% Commission brokerage. Of course, by switching to 100% Commission brokerage, you will keep more money in your pocket.

Woman throwing many
100% Commission allows you to keep more money in your pocket and not the broker

How does 100% Commission Work?

100% Commission brokerage works for both agent and brokerage by allowing the real estate agent to keep 100% of their commission minus a flat fee. HPAgents fee is $197.00, regardless if it is $30k home or a $30M home sale. The agent simply turns in the paperwork to be reviewed and signed by the broker thru their personal cloud folder. This allows the broker to review all paperwork, addendums, etc… very quickly.

How Do I Switch My Brokerage to HPAgents.com

Simple we will handle everything for you. Texas Real Estate Commission charges $20.00 and we charge a $10.00 admin intake fee. No need to contact your broker, TREC will send out a notice to your broker instantly. Fill out the form below and transfer your license instantly.

Free Weekly Training on Lead Generation

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Every week we learn new lead generating techniques

Every week we talk about how we can do better in lead generation. Lead generation tactics are always evolving, especially now with social media outlets. Once a week, we learn what is working and what is NOT working so well. Together we create a plan to become a better at lead generation.