Texas Realtors Facing Fed Charges in Capitol Riot

Texas Realtors Include:

The FBI continues to investigate the Texas Realtors involved in the Capitol Hill Raid “Katherine “Katie” Staveley Schwab”, Brian Miller, and Jennifer “Jenna” Leigh Ryan. Schwab according to official court documents – “willfully and knowingly engaged in an act of physical violence”. When TRUMP supporters stormed the Capitol building, upset about false claims from the presidential election.

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  • “Katherine “Katie” Staveley Schwab”
    • Charged with additional charges – work cited: https://www.dallasobserver.com/news/us-capitol-riot-north-texas-realtor-katherine-schwab-facing-additional-charge-12033544
  • Jennifer “Jenna” Leigh Ryan – Arrested by the FBI
    • 2 New Federal Charges according to CBSLocal – work cited: https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/01/26/new-federal-charges-texas-realtor-jenna-ryan-capitol-riot/
  • Brian Miller
    • According to Dallas Observer – work cited: https://www.dallasobserver.com/news/north-texas-activists-expose-local-realtors-who-attended-jan-6-capitol-riot-11978292
Jenna Ryan Standing in Front of The Capitol Building During The Raid..

Jenna Ryan Tweets and Videos from Capitol Raid

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Courtney Brooks lead the Team to Expose the Realtors who participated in the Capitol Hill Raid

Courtney states she is “appalled” by the realtors actions and want them to lose their license. TREC replied with a statement below. Hava Johnston, a realtor & City Council candidate helped to expose the realtors involved in the Capitol Hill Raid.

Interview with Jenna Ryan

The 3 Realtors arrived by Private Jet

Mimosas on a private jet
3 Realtors Who Raided the Capitol landed by Private Jet

Today at least 500 people have been arrested, with 12 guilty pleads & 190 Indictments

Law enforcement states this has been one of the most intricate investigations in history. Law enforcement states more arrest to come as their investigation continues.

3 Oath Keepers have pleaded guilty to charges as well. The 3 oath keepers took an oath to prevent violence, both foreign and domestic. They may lose their licensing and official positions.

A large amount of rioters are from Dallas area, over 22 arrest so far by May 15th 2021

More then 22 arrests have occurred up to May 15th 2021 in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Jenna Ryan Tweets about Her $400 Bottle of Wine + Lobster Dinner

'Heil Hitler:' Embattled Frisco Realtor Jenna Ryan Dropped from PayPal (3)
Screenshot courtesy Courtney Brooks

Jenna Ryans Tweet “I don’t need the donations”

'Heil Hitler:' Embattled Frisco Realtor Jenna Ryan Dropped from PayPal (2)
Courtney Brook Credit

TREC – Texas Real Estate Commission Statement

“The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) has received many comments and requests related to license holders’ involvement in the events that occurred at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. The Commission is limited in the action it may take against real estate license holders by the Real Estate License Act, the governing law that describes the Commission’s jurisdiction. For instance, the Commission may suspend or revoke a license holder that is convicted of a felony or a criminal offense involving fraud.  

While the Commission has the authority to suspend or revoke a license in other circumstances, generally, this authority is limited to conduct the license holder undertakes while engaged in real estate brokerage. 

The Commission offers valuable resources to the public, including license holder search and disciplinary action search tools to verify information about a license holder they are working with.  Additionally, the Commission has provided extensive FAQs related to qualifications, disclosing a crime to TREC, and other enforcement matters.  

The Commission exists to protect consumers of real estate services in Texas. Through complaints, the Commission is able to enforce the Real Estate License Act.  If you believe there has been a  violation of the Real Estate License Act, please file a complaint with the Commission.  ” – Sited from CandyDirt.com

Ryan Now States “I regret Everything”

“I bought into a lie, and the lie is the lie, and it’s embarrassing,” from The Washington Post

Jenna Ryan ask Trump for a Pardon

Trump has not responded.

Comments From Houston Realtors

FROM: David Trickett <dt********@aol.com>6:49 PM (July 2nd, 2021)
to Allen
Email Sent In From David Trickett

“Don’t send this crap to me!!
Until you know all the facts surrounding these cases you don’t get to be the judge and jury or like the stupid media that doesn’t know anything either.You said it right in the beginning they are being charged.Charged doesn’t mean anything!!I was charged for felony crimes 15 times in my life and only a few stuck because most cases were bogus. But I will say the ones I was guilty on I was guilty but more important I was guilty of Sin and guilty of breaking Gods law. Thanks be to God he gave me Grace and I did not take it lightly. I have, through the power of the Holy Spirit, redeemed my life and yes have become a very successful Realtor, Business owner and Founding Director of a strongly supported, well known and successful Prison Ministry that helps support men and women turn their life around to the glory of God.  So I’m not sure how I got in your mass email but please keep your comments to yourself unless they are positive and you have all the facts on the case and never assume people are guilty of anything unless you know personally. Lastly know that those men and women are far from counted out even if they are guilty.Gods love and Grace are amazing and He can make even the crooked places straight and turn hard and wicked hearts to hearts of love and compassion. 
Also don’t assume that all of them were Trump followers and by no means did they storm the capital.Those door were already opened and nobody was stopping them until they were already let in.
I have several friends that were there and witnessed all this first hand.

So again please keep your comments and opinions to your self or to your social media pages not to email blasts that you don’t know who’s on the other end of it.
Blessings to you!

In His Love and Service,

David A. Trickett

Founding Director

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HPAgents is a Texas 100% Commission Brokerage that fills a gap, since most, or should I say all 100% commission brokers give absolutely NOTHING to the agent except the commission split. HPAgents solves this problem by giving our agents an abundant amount of benefits and features including;

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