Trio of sexy tantalising young women

As a real estate broker for the last 15 years, I’ve shown tons of properties to beautiful women. And I thought I relay these tips that I’ve learned over the last few years. This will work for a beautiful women and good-looking men. I think that the number one rule that I use, is to make the client feel comfortable at all times. You do not want a client to feel uncomfortable. 


I’ll give you an example. When walking up the stairs, if the client goes ahead of me up the stairs,  I pretend to look at something at the last second on the first floor allowing her to go up the stairs without me looking at her butt. Of course I rather lead her up the stairs but clients sometimes go on their own and are sporadic. 


Another tip that I like to do is I like to respond to them as yes sir or no ma’am. Of course we can get more friendlier as the relationship grows oh, should I mention the business relationship. however at the beginning I like to keep things in a very business-friendly environment. If that makes any sense,  What I’m trying to say is I want to keep things very professional but at the same time I want to be very friendly and courteous. We have spent a lot of time with these clients, they have to feel comfortable with you come up but we also have to have a good time. So don’t be too uptight. 


One more real estate tip for you new Realtors is be careful with Emojis as they can be misunderstood. Resident abuse in the emoji that has the 🙂 with heart eyes, she can interpret it as romantic. This goes both ways for men and women.

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