Real Estate Agent Killed Murdered

Realtor Killed Showing Home

Realtor killed showing home. Beverly Carter, a real estate agent at Crye Leike Realtors was reported missing shortly after showing a foreclosed home alone. Her husband Carl Carter of 35 years, notified police after she did not come home after the real estate showing.

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Immediately Carl Carter (husband of 35 years) went to the home Beverly showed a potential buyer that day. The home is located at 14202 Old River Drive.

Carl found Beverly’s vehicle parked in the front, the home front door wide open & her purse on the kitchen counter. However, Beverly could not be found.

Many local agents/brokers/inspectors came together in the search for Beverly. It was just days later her remains were found in a shallow grave just minutes away from the home she showed.

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One of our own realtors at HPAgents was nearly attacked in Memorial Area

An agent here in our brokerage was nearly attacked in a home in the Houston Memorial area. The Houston Memorial area is a luxury neighborhood with a price point from $600K to $5M, thus showing a crime can occur in any neighborhood.

“You can not just think because you are in a luxury area, you are safe.”

She was showing a home alone and I think that was the first mistake. However 99% of realtors show homes alone, it’s a risk that most of us take. The agent was cornered and sexually harassed, she quickly informed the man she told everyone who she was meeting and they knew exactly who she was with. He let her go, and she was very shaken up.

I think she got very blessed and lucky, she acted fast and luckily he let her go.

Realtor Killed Showing Home

This can happen to anyone, male or female, young or old. Protect yourself at all times. Just recently another realtor was killed showing home.

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