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Real Estate Training / Mentorship Program

Real Estate training brought to you by a veteran real estate broker with 15+ years of experience, 150+ Transactions representing buyers & sellers. Double-Digit real estate flips – Wholesale properties and more.

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You will learn how to be the best realtor and the go-to person for any real estate questions.  Additionally, we will learn how to farm (future commissions) & we will learn how to hunt (commissions today).  I will teach you how to set up your foundation (sphere of influence), then put things on auto-pilot.  To sum up, we use technology to our advantage, and leverage social media to make YOU a Real Estate Guru.

More about your Teacher

I come from very humble beginnings. My mom was on Section 8 and raised me on food stamps. I never even lived in a house, we just shifted around from apartments to apartments. In my mind, I thought that was normal for everyone. I’m telling you the story not to get sad but to inspire you. 

“If I can do it.. a kid from the ghetto with nothing and doesn’t know the right connections/people at all, then I definitely believe you can do it. In fact I know you can do it.”

Want a Tip Before Starting your Real Estate Training?

Get yourself a good mentor! I’m not the only great mentor out there. Just make sure they have a lot of experience and they have a ton of closed sales. Too many people like to train people, and never even been in the trenches and never even really sold anything.

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