Real estate mentorship is the cornerstone of becoming a successful real estate agent

HPAgents is a real estate mentorship program taught by a licensed real estate broker with nearly 15 years experience. Residential & Commercial real estate mentorship is available to those agents that want to diversify there work strategy.

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Real Estate Mentorship Program Designed Specifically For You

Each student has different needs and is at different levels of experience. We offer you a free 5 minute consultation to discuss your needs, and goals. If we are a fit, then we will proceed with a plan of action that will help you achieve your real estate goals you desire.

Every student comes in at a different level, hence we create a custom mentorship program that is specific for you.

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Is a Real Estate Mentor Right For You?

Just like we have personal trainers to get us in shape. We must have a mentor for the profession we are pursuing. A real estate mentor can help you reach your goals faster.

Imagine, you are traveling down a road and success is your destination. You are traveling down this journey without a map, the mentor has the map. Your mentor will help you avoid dead ends, pitfalls, and utter failures.

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A Real Estate Mentor Will Get You to Your Goals Faster

Fact 87% of Realtors Fail Their 1st Year in Real Estate

Did you know 87% of realtors quit before reaching their goals? Most will quit within the first 12 months of receiving their real estate license. Most realtors will be satisfied with selling one home every 3 or 6 months, and sadly return to their previous job. To avoid failing you must have a plan to succeed.

A real estate mentor can guide you thru this journey, they have been down this road many times. A great real estate mentor will hold you accountable, and a lack of accountability is the main reasons real estate professionals fail.

A lack of accountability is the main reasons real estate professionals fail

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A Real Estate Mentor Will Help You Avoid Failure