Real Estate Mentorship – Broker Texas

Real estate mentorship is the cornerstone of becoming a successful real estate agent. HPAgents is a real estate mentorship program taught by a licensed real estate broker with nearly 15 years experience.

Residential & Commercial real estate mentorship is available to those agents that want to diversify there work strategy. The commercial real estate mentorship does require at least 2 years of experience.

Real estate investing mentorship program

Is offered to those that are more interested in investing in real estate. Wholesaling, fix-and-flip, new construction, and buy and holds.

How to get a real estate mentor?

Look for a licensed broker who has the time to train you. Don’t look for a broker that will recruit you then push you to there assistant. You need hands on experience.

How to get a real estate mentor?

I would start with interviewing some brokers. Do not be concerned with the split if the broker offers lots of services & leads.

How to get a mentor in real estate?

Each broker will be different, if they have too many agents they will not have time for you. If they are busy making money and selling homes, they will not have time for you. You need a broker that delegates leads and work flow.

Real estate mentors in Houston, Dallas, Austin

We are a proud member of TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission), HAR, CoStar, Loopnet. Dallas and Austin MLS are available.