Best 20 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for 2021

Best 20 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for 2021. These 20 Real Estate Lead Generation tips will have the leads coming in immediately and most of these lead generating strategies can be done free. As an active real estate broker for the last 15 years, I coach & mentor agents everyday.

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#1 – S.O.I. – Sphere of Influence – The people you already know.

The people you know… those friends, family members, associates and even ex-spouses can constantly bring you real estate leads. And in addition to, this is will be your BEST source for QUALITY LEADS.

A lead that is referred to you is 4x more likely (80% more) to close with you and respond to your calls.

– National Association of Realtors

A lead that is referred to you is 4x more likely (80% more) to close with you and respond to your calls. Yep that’s a fact. SOI vs Internet Leads is a no brainer. SOI referrals have 4x more loyalty to you VS internet leads.

Key Fact your goal with your SOI is for them to REFER business to you. Yes they will buy homes from you, but that is NOT your goal. Your goal is for them to constantly refer you real estate business. In order to do that, follow some of the tips in my video below.

#2 – Social Media Advertising – Facebook – Instagram – Youtube – Snapchat – Tiktok

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and NOW TicTok are here to stay. You either roll with the program or get rolled over. They are all a great source for online leads, however each platform has there own benefits. Here a few tips on advertising on each platform. For more in depth step by mastering real estate advertising on social media, you may want to take our Real Estate Social Media Master Class.

  • Facebook
    • Facebook Pages (create one for each neighborhood you want to focus on (max 2))
    • Stories (on each page schedule a story behind the scenes on the life of a realtor)
    • Personal Post
      • Do NOT post “If you want to buy a house … blah blah blah” –
      • Post quality post relevant to real estate
      • Remove all inappropriate photos of yourself – (partying, drunk, no shirt, super sexy photos, etc… we are going to brand you.)
  • Instagram
    • Post one home per week to start
    • Hashtags – people use hashtags to search, so use hashtags relevant to real estate, the neighborhood you are focusing in on (your audience), up to 16 hashtags in one post — No spaces between words and cap the first letter. Example: #HoustonHomes #HoustonHeights #HoustonMontrose #77008 etc…
    • Use a POST scheduler – This will save you tons of time… one day you can schedule all your post for the week or even MONTH!
    • IGTV – Is awesome because you can upload your videos that are up to 10 minutes long.

For the complete course: Real Estate Social Media Master Class

#3 – Farm Area Prospecting – (Neighborhood Specialist)

Neighborhood farming… NO this has nothing to do with a farm… what this means is you specialize in an area/neighborhood. You become the Neighborhood Guru for what’s happening in the neighborhood, new projects, new construction, new retail business, price per foot (living), price per foot (land).. for townhomes, condos, and single family.

When you farm an area/neighborhood you should know the following facts:

  • Price per sqft for;
    • Single Family SOLD
    • Townhomes SOLD
    • Condo SOLD
    • Empty Lots SOLD
  • Know the SUB-DIVISIONS of each area and SECTORS
    • For example many neighborhoods will have higher/lower priced sectors
      • Each sub may even have different deed restrictions
  • Deed restrictions
  • HOA rules
  • Who runs the HOA
    • When/Where does the HOA meet

In essence you will become the GURU for that neighborhood/area. To generate real estate leads constantly you must be known as the go to person for assistance.

KEY SIDE NOTE: When someone ask you about the neighborhood, DO NOT just say go here or go ask this person… etc… GO above and beyond. Trust me on this. They will remember you in the future.

#4 – Network Events (Non-Real Estate)

Go to events and meet people outside your circle. Best are events that are happening in the area(s) you want to do business in. Annual BBQ’s, annual fundraisers, functions for pets, church events, etc… But let’s stay away from real estate events where there are too many realtors to count. Let’s go where there are lots of fish and not many sharks. Hence, you are the shark with a goal in mind.

SIDE NOTE: Be prepared with something exciting to say when they ask you what do you do for a living. Do not just say I am a realtor and do real estate… SOOOO BORING!

Also wear something that grabs attention and/or can get someone talking. Like a flashy pin, a cool tie, be creative on this one.

#5 – Loan Officers (Lenders/Bank Officers)

Getting pre-approved is the first step in buying a home and 1/3 of clients who are starting the home hunt start with a loan officer. So I want you to stop in to your (small/mid size) bank branches and bring in some donuts/cookies and introduce yourself. You may already bank there so this will be easy. Ask for the manager and ask permission to come in and bring some goodies.

#6 – Real Estate Website

Your real estate website can generate you leads while you are a sleep. You can be set up easily now with our pre-made real estate websites that are made for generating leads. You can also setup your own, here are some things you can do to get started now.

Data Driven Website Are Best vs IDX – IDX cannot be altered. It’s like a plug and play website. If you need a website setup that is truly data driven contact us for a quote. Data driven means basically you can do whatever you want with the data, such as the following

Please use Google Domains for your domain so you can easily setup your email. Do not use a free email for your realtor business. We need to brand your real estate services as much as possible. When deciding on a domain make sure you select something that is no more then 3 syllables, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, cannot be mixed up with similar words like “Allen, Alan, Alen” etc…

#7 – Door Knocking

Door knocking rules… It toughens your skin, it gives you instant clout in the neighborhood, and you begin to plant a seed in the home owners mindset as the realtor that works.

Your goal is NOT for them to sell their home now (although we would love that and it sometime happens). Your GOAL is to cultivate a lead that you meet while door knocking by giving quality advice and information.

#8 – Build Your Brand

You are a brand and you did not even know it. Yes you offer a service, and that service is real estate. Real estate is COMPETITIVE ! If you want that luxury listing you are going to have to take over the mindset of buyers/sellers. The way we will do that is buy building your brand. Now that DOES NOT mean hammering it down peoples throats that you sell homes… NO! You give quality advice that resonates, when a person you meet/talk/text leaves you, they leave a you a bit better.

#9 – Text Message Advertising

Did you know Text Message advertising has a 95% (viewed) rate? Yes you heard that right… 95% of contacts who receive a text message will view your text. However, we must send value. We must send the right message to the right audience. Then we need to personalize it. Let me explain you some of my secrets.

Would you like to send 1000’s of messages to home owners for pennies: Sign up for

#10 – Calling Expired Listings

Calling expired listings is a must. You should call expired listings at least once a week. Remember do not call and sound like a robot. Enthusiasm sells, so you must sound enthusiastic.

Need a list of home owners for a specific area? Get Your Home Owner Directory

#11 – Calling FSBO’s – For Sale By Owners

Calling FSBO’s (For Sale by Owner) properties can be extremely profitable. You will need a script ready and a list of objections. Once again, do NOT sound like a robot. If you need a script we have one you can download for free.

#12 – Throw an Event / Party / BBQ

It’s time to party! Well maybe not so much a party but let’s rename it a “SOI (Sphere of Influence Gathering)”. The best thing is now you have an excuse to ask for addresses, so you can send out the invite. The 2nd best thing is you get all your SOI in one place, so it is a double win.

#13 – Do an Open House

Open house will generate you buyer and even seller leads if done right. I have a open house master class to help you get both buyer and seller leads. Here are some of my tips, use our data directory system to text all home owners in the nearby area. Invite them and also ask them if they are thinking of selling. When buyers come in, have a few homes that are similar ready to go, and have the showing instructions to show them the property. You can show after or if you bring a friend, you can instantly show the property to potential buyers.

#14 – Become a member of the Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of commerce is an overlooked source of real estate leads. But don’t think just be becoming a member you will be the go-to realtor. Not a chance! You will have to work the member list and cultivate a relationship. Use our Chamber of Commerce script to generate leads constantly.

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#15 – Wholesale Real Estate Prospecting

Wholesale real estate can be very profitable, as a realtor you can use MLS and market data to easily determine a property’s value. Lock a home under contract then resell that home to an investor list. Wholesale real estate master class available here.

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#16 – Hangout where your audience is (potential clientele)

I wish someone would have told me this early in my career. If you want to meet luxury clients, you are going to have to meet them on their turf. This means going to restaurants, speak-easy, cigar bars, lounges, golf parks, boating events, yacht clubs, etc… You’re going to have to get outside your comfort zone on this one, but this one action will bring the big real estate leads your way.

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#17 – Go Live on Facebook, IG, Twitter, Snapchat

Maybe you think you need everything perfect, and GUESS what ??? It NEVER will be! Going LIVE solves that… once its live its done, no editing and no take backs. PLUS people LOVE to see REAL life. Here are some ideas I like that can get you some real estate leads.

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#18 – Speak Positivity

Speaking positivity helps generate leads constantly. People absolutely love being around a positive vibrant person. In fact they are attracted to these types of people. So before you think about venting on social media about traffic, relationships, how bad life is, take a long breath and think about how your potential clients will respond. Change your perspective and see the good in life, no matter how tough it gets. Change it around, and flip it… Be grateful for what you got, two legs, two arms, can breathe on your own, have food, etc. By speaking positivity, you will change your mindset. Once you change your mindset, your goals can be endless.

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#19 – Post on Craigslist for Real Estate Lead Generation

Craigslist can drive an endless amount of leads to your funnel. In the Real Estate Lead Generation Master Class, we talk about setting up funnels. The funnel will guide leads thru a process that you set an automated set of actions. Craigslist can be dangerous as well, so make sure to screen leads.

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#20 – Create a Blog

Creating a blog is your bread and butter, it’s a place where you can shine in your field/area/niche. Remember you will never make everyone happy so deal with it. There will always be people who just do not like you, and that’s fine. Shake the haters off and keep blogging. Talk about your journey in real estate, how things are changing in the area you farm. Education, crime, home owner tips, energy saving tips… etc…

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Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas (Bonus Tips)

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#21 – Comment on Blogs

Comment on blogs in which people may need some assistance with real estate. You can use hashtags on Facebook / Instagram / and Twitter like “#FSBO, #TimeToSellHome, #HomeHunting” … you can also search by area to do a combo search with some advanced tools.

#22 – Advanced RE-Marketing

What this means, is when someone views your advertisement once. Use a cookie, tag, pixel to remarket to that person later in the future. This is a very easy to do do marketing action that many businesses do not take advantage of. We all seen it, we view a product or service we like. Then bam! we keep seeing the same ad/company over and over. That is remarketing. Easy to setup check out our Real Estate Lead Generation – Social Media Master Class

#23 – Market to a Similar Audience

Once we create your ad, we will review your analytics. Then we can use artificial intelligence to generate a similar audience based on the audience that viewed your ad.

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