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Fix and Flip Houses

To Fix and Flip Houses, your biggest challenge will be finding properties selling for under market prices, developing unbeatable negotiation skills and identifying cash buyers who may later be part of your seasoned buyer’s list. If you can commit to put all your efforts on this, success in fixing and flipping (also in wholesaling) is assured.

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Master your Fix and Flip Houses techniques

This is part two of Fix and Flip Houses.  Today we talk about:

  • Negotiation tactics
  • Saving tons of money
  • Keep hammering away to drive profits sky-high. 

Above all, remember you must treat this profession as a business, thus we must buy low and sell high. 

We focus on giving superior service as well as make profits.  It is consequently a balance of the two. We analyze the market to determine the competition & therefore, what people are willing to pay. Let’s dive into this podcast. Let’s Go!

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Member of Houston Association of Realtors –
Member of CoStar – Commercial Brokers –
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Alan Jimz

Licensed Real Estate Broker & Coach TX #0549644 -- 15 yrs Experience in Real Estate 100's+ Successful Transaction completed -- 20+ Investment Flips -- 20+ Wholesale Transactions Completed -- 10+ Renovations / New Construction Projects Completed -- Commercial Mortgage Broker since 2008 at

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