Realtor Tip of the Day: No one cares except your mom!

Realtor Tip of the Day: There are way too many Realtors, correction, too many people out there who want it handed to them on a silver platter.

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You have to treat real estate as a business, a living breathing business. You are going to fail a thousand times, but you got to get up and dust yourself off and keep trying different types of avenues to make it happen.

My Realtor Tip for today is: get yourself a good mentor, I’m not the only great mentor out there. Just make sure they have a lot of experience and they have a ton of closed sales. Too many people like to train people, and never even been in the trenches and never even really sold anything.

One thing I like to do is when I’m working with the flipper or an investor, is asking for the closing statement or their p&l their profit and loss statement for their recent projects.

You don’t want to get advice from someone who doesn’t know, all they want is your money.

What’s your database, work your leads, stay organized, surround yourself with people that are better than you. That will make you work harder.

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