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  • Defining Your Needs and Using Technology For Your Home Purchase
  • Defining Your Home Purchasing Budget
  • How To Fill Out The Real Estate Sales Contract / Purchase Agreement
  • Lesson 3-v2 - Sales Contract (pgs 2-4) & Negotiating Title & Survey Fees
  • Real Estate Sales Contract Loopholes
  • Negotiating Tactics to Save Money When Buying Your Home
  • Beating Other Buyer Offers - How to Win a Home Bid
  • Real Estate Sales Contract Part 3
  • Real Estate Sales Contract Part 4
Real Estate Contract Loopholes can be a blessing and can also suck if you are the other party.  It is your "Get Out of Contract" free clause.   Let me show you the major ones that people use everyday.  If you know about them you can use them for your benefit.  If you are the other party (seller), then you know what to watch out for. 
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