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Real estate is 85% referral business. You can buy leads all day and every day, but their conversion rate is about 15% or less that means you do need to do work with about 12-16 leads to get 1.  This is an important factor to know, because this can have you working and working and working non-stop chasing down leads that don’t really want to buy, not ready to buy, just using you to open doors, and then they’ll buy their property from someone else. Like a family relative. So what I’m going to show you is how do you use the people that you know to your advantage. We call the people that you know oh, and the people that you come in contact with monthly your SOI or Sphere of influence.

Real Estate is 85% referral, so if you’re not getting referrals then you’re losing a ton of business and most likely won’t make it, in order to receive referrals you have to have a system in place to leverage the people that you know. Let me show you how to do that and become the go-to person in real estate.