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Lead Generation – How To Get More Leads and Convert Them

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Conversion Rates from Sphere Of Influence vs Internet Leads

SOI = 50-70%
Internet Leads = 3-15%

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Sphere of influence referrals have a conversion rate of 50 to 70%. Internet leads are from 3 to 15% depending on your sales skills. So if you’re looking at these numbers then you’re probably wondering why would I even work with internet leads.

This is a truly great question and the answer is you should do both. You cannot be so dependent on just one avenue of lead generation.

However when working with internet leads you have to have an automation process. This automation process should do some communication for you and unload a lot of the work for you. Then when the customer replies that’s when you jump in and give it a personal touch.

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How Do We Improve Conversion Rate for Internet Leads

By giving extraordinary service and extraordinary content. Content truly is king. Lead Generation does not have to be such a mystery.

Think about what your clients really want. Let’s think about this, if they are looking for a home in a certain subdivision. The average Realtor will give a CMA report that’s shows the last 3 to 6 months of sale.

Why don’t we do a report for the last 5 Years. You can show them that the property values have risen or fallen or I have stayed the same.

We can also do a side-by-side comparison of schools. You can also show them some areas or subdivisions that are outside of what they are looking for, but you know they are very similar.

You can become the Realtor Hero! Master Lead Generation

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