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Lead Generation in Real Estate – Podcast Episode 1

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Lead generation by far is the most important task in real estate as in any sales job. In today’s podcast, we will be talking about how to generate leads, what to do with the leads, and how to add value to your clients in the real estate journey.

Learn how to use technology for our advantage by pushing clients through a funnel or a series of events. In our previous podcast, we talked about blogging. Blogging can be a great tool in your clients’ journey. Think about it, you write 1 blog and the information is great. So you can reuse it all the time. It’s out there permanently, so reuse it.

We also talk about the conversion rates working with internet leads versus your SOI – sphere of influence.  We also discuss about bringing your clients through a journey and guiding them as you are the realtor AKA guru/guide.

Where are your leads coming from?

From my experience, I can tell the following numbers about wholesaling leads:

  • 30% of your leads will come from bandit signs
  • 30% from cold calling
  • 20% from social media
  • 10% from referrals
  • 10% from mail campaigns

You can choose to exploit every method, or better focus on those you master in the beginning, knowing already the potential they have.

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