Builders Handshake, Architect And Contractor Agreement During Meeting Discussing Blueprint Buiding

How To Get More Listings from Builders & Developers in Real Estate – Realtor Training

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Working with Builders can be super lucrative. You can make tons of money working and collaborating with new construction Builders and even rehab Developers.  Today we will be talking about How To List A Builders Property and how to create a relationship with these Builders and developers. To sum up, how to become the go-to guru for their real estate questions and listing agent.  

How To List A Builders Property

Developers and rehab teams are very intelligent people and they are getting hounded with Realtors every single day. So you have to set yourself apart. Treat them like an actual person and come with valuable information. I like to call it come with your “guns out”.   This means when you come to meet a developer or a rehab pro come with an item of value such as a market analysis, a potential buyer, some relevant news that may affect him in the neighborhood.

If you have some construction background maybe you can point some things out.   Maybe you have some lawn experience our gardening experience and you can offer what flowers working with this or compliment this type of construction.  Whatever information you bring you must bring something, don’t just ask for the listing.  In this podcast today we talked about how to create a relationship and become the listing agent.

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