Automation in Real Estate

How to Use Correctly Automation in Real Estate

How to Use Correctly Automation in Real Estate

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So automation and bots are becoming a part of the world that we live in today. It’s amazing that in my generation we’re actually seeing jobs being replaced by robots and now we see automated messaging using common related responses on social media. All of this is fantastic however it has to be used in a way that seems the response is actually a person it is coming from. So how do we do that that is the question?

Tips for Automation in Real Estate

Okay so here are some of the tips that I found in real estate in the last 15 years’ experience. For instance, this taken automated responses from LinkedIn, you can program it or you can set it up to do an auto message when your connection is completed.

However, don’t use what you have to offer in the message. You want to seem genuine. You actually want to try to get to know the person and grow your network. So try to use an open-ended question, that gets him to respond. And focus on him other than you good because remember everyone loves to talk about themselves. So use that note in psychology for your advantage and for your advantage.

Example of Message Automation

An example of an open-ended question that has worked for me in the past and feel free to change it or tweak it is.

“Thanks for the connection [insert his name], how long have you been in [insert his current position]? I love getting to know new people and expanding my network and maybe send you a few referrals. Have a great day and once again I appreciate the connection I hope that we grow prosperously in business.”

As you can see, we inserted a few personal items that pertain to that recipient. We also didn’t talk about ourselves, but we can offer him. Finally, you think Tim once again for the connection and then you insert your signature along with your phone number and contact information. Also, like to insert a VCF file which once clicked on inserts directly into his Outlook or Gmail or whatever contact database he uses.

These are just a few tips that I offer in my classes here at

Remember, if I can do it you can do it. I’m a kid from the street who retired at 40 years old totally debt-free traveling the world. Did you know that I was born in poverty, welfare, food stamps, free lunches? My family and friends were all in drugs and gangs.

My biggest tip for you is to surround yourself with positive people, someone who is better than you to give you the direction that you need. That’s what changed my life. So if you choose me as your mentor, great. But if not there’s a lot of other good ventures out there get you one Focus down and really try to make a change. Get out of your own way.


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