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Fellow Realtors & Brokers, it’s nearly a new year. 2021 is just around the corner. Are you excited? I know I am. So what is your New Year’s resolution? Is it’s to be a better realtor? Then you may consider blogging.

In fact, it is essential in 2021. So where do we get this new blogging website? How blog is created? Is it only for those super cool folks making deserts? Of course not.

How to Create a Blog For Real Estate

Blogging can get you a lot of traction in any special arena you chose. So you could actually become the guru of your area your neighborhood, subdivision or your city .

Whatever the case may be you can really become the guru. But you’re going to need to do a little things to get started.

How Blog is Created

In today’s podcast we talk about what is a blog an where to get a free one we also talk about getting a very low cost 1L as low as $5 from GoDaddy setting up a new domain and getting you a professional email.

We also talk about how long your domain name should be and what is the .biz and all that good stuff. Sounds fun right?

Of course it is come on it’s real estate guys. If we can’t have fun in what we do every day then maybe you’re not in the right business.

Real estate should be fun and profitable. You should be in real estate to help folks get in a home and if we keep that perspective first or their priority first then the money will come.

We talk about becoming the best realtor you can be in 2021 so stay tuned and subscribe. I got a lot of training for you guys this next couple of weeks.

So it is quite a podcast today so I hope you stay tuned and subscribe.

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