How to Get More Real Estate Listings

How To Get More Real Estate Listings

Listings are KING in real estate. Listings are leverage according to some of the most popular books like “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” by Gary Keller from Keller Williams. I’m sure you can feel my pain.

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So getting more real estate listings… this is the GOAL. I’m not going to sugar coat it with you… I’m going to be real and raw. It’s going to be tough for those LISTINGS you really want like $500K to MILLIONS. So what do we do to show the home owner we are the BEST?

Let’s BLOW their F***KING mind!

Let’s leave these home owners in awe. Like hands down this realtor came in ready to rock. So how do we do that?

  • Do a very thorough correct analysis…
  • Do a history check on the home
    • Has it been listed before.
  • Those home owners want someone who is going to work and market their property correctly.
    • So let’s show them are marketing strategy.
    • Show them a skeleton outline of your marketing timeline
      • Day 1 – Facebook/IG post
      • Day 3 – Preparing the Open House
      • Day 5 – Mass Email Agents in area
      • Day 5.5 – Contact agents who work the area as well for a pre-open house
      • Day 6 – Live at the Open House
      • Day 7 – Making contact with all attendees at open house
      • Day 8 – Report meeting with owners – stay communicated
      • Day 10 – Redo the listing ad on FB/IG
      • Day 14 – TIK/TOK silly/funny information walk thru
      • Day 20 – Snapchat walk thru
      • Day 21 – Mass Text Neighborhood.
      • Day 30 – Redo – Start again but with new ads

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100% Commission Broker Texas
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