how to find a real estate mentor

How to Find the Best Real Estate Mentor

How To Find the Best Real Estate Mentor For You

Brokers working
Brokers working

As a new real estate agent, you have been doing all of the “right” things to launch your career. Finding a real estate mentor and cultivating a successful relationship could help you out tremendously by enhancing your ability to launch a long, successful real estate career.

Here are my top tips to help you with your real estate career. I think the most common computer mistake that first-time agents make is that they think they have to take calls on their computer from their phones. But if all you do is type your door-bell number into your phone, you’re missing loads of valuable information. And if there are sources of conflict in your area, you won’t miss them. Now that you know what information to listen for, find a comfortable place to sit.

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I like my office chair. Get comfortable. Be ready for the types of requests your phone is likely going to be fielding. Make notes, try to answer as quickly as possible, and save your favorite quotes. “Goal-oriented questions are fine, but the truth hurts,” I say. Think about honest, non-judgmental questions that can spark your interest. Consider them all your friends. Document them! It’s important to have a personal connection with every client, ideally your real estate mentor. Imagine you’re a brand new real estate pro. You walk in the door to make your first sales call and there is no one there. Maybe the building you’re moving into has restricted access to outside eyes.

First of all, don’t lose sight of your primary goal as a real estate agent. Creating great listings has to come first–literally! The selling process of real estate affects every part of your life. When you are in the selling room, tuck your shirt into your pants, put on a thick pair of leather shoes, and work your “grip” so that turning the pages of the brochure, brochure, and brochure will be easy. You must figure out what’s available, who’s looking for it, and where you can help them get that property on the market.

Isn’t it true that realt agents don’t need partners to start their own business? Yes, it’s true that most agents do not partner with third-party sellers and brokers. However, if you are serious about building your career, there is more to it than just listing houses. One of your effective roles is to also build an effective marketing strategy especially if you are a first-time seller.

Building an online listing for your property or agents business page can boost customer engagement with your services and broaden your market reach. It is important to spend time getting your listing placed in the right places. is a free website that provides a place for agents and clients to share a listing and even find each other. Another marketing strategy that agents are now using to great success is via social media.

Posting your properties web page on Facebook and/or Twitter can stay on top of the local real estate news and allow you to build your email list of realtors willing to sell your properties. Find a senior realtor with experience in the community and start a conversation. Keep it professional and polite.

I’ve been a real estate professional for 15 years. What I’ve learned helps me create better sales presentations, better get-to-know-you emails, more consistent work ethic, and overall increased professionalism. I wanted to make a list of things I wish someone earlier in their careers had taught me.

Within the first ten years of sales experience, I learned that you needed relationships to succeed. Without those relationships, you could quickly become overworked and burn out. Your company may not open doors for you. Yes, you have to be knowledgeable, but more than anything else, you have to want to be in that job, and you have to want it badly enough to commit yourself. You have to know from day one what kind of lifestyle you want. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. “Can I help you?” Every nature you’re willing to work with is a additional step toward securing that initial property deal. Initial property deals can be incredibly competitive.Be consistent with your ask.

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