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Review From Student Who Bought Her House Using This Course

How to Buy A House Without a Realtor class really helped Mrs. Williams. She nearly got sued & lost her earnest money last year when she tried to buy a house. This year she decided to take our class and she saved herself $7,991 using the sales tactics, then saved another $5300 for negotiation tactic savings, then finally arranged the commission to be dispursed to her which was 3% of $215,000 ($6450) for a total saving of over $19,741/


If You Do NOT save 100x the amount of this $37 lesson, it’s totally Free

I believe in this easy lesson so much, that if you DO NOT SAVE AT LEAST 100X the amount with this $37 course then I’ll refund you 100% of the cost.  That is exactly RIGHT!  If you do NOT learn at least ONE tip to save you at LEAST $4,000.  The How To Buy A House No Realtor course is free.  Most likely you will save about $14,000 on average.


Guaranteed to Save 100x the Amount of this course Guaranteed or its Free
Guaranteed to Save 100x the Amount of this course Guaranteed or its Free

You Can Have Us Write The Contract For You

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable writing a contract,  no worries.  You can relax, and let a Real Estate Broker with 15 years of experience & 100’s of successful transactions completed.  You found your dream house and now we will write the contract for your BENEFIT, not the sellers!.  That means we put in loopholes to do a few things for you & your family.  #1 – Protect you from lawsuits,  #2 – We write the contract to GIVE YOU the 3% Realtors Commission,  and  #3 – Save you tons of time & headaches.   Why pay $1000’s of dollars to a realtor to just write a contract that will take 1 hour?  We will do it for just $74.

We Can Write The Contract to Benefit / Protect You, Not the Seller
We Can Write The Contract to Benefit / Protect You, Not the Seller


Have a Real Estate Broker Write the Contract For You For Only $74

You will Keep the Realtors Commission + You will Learn the Techniques to Negotiate The Ultimate Deal.

The How To Buy A House No Realtor course teaches you how to negotiate the best deal for your property, then negotiate more during the contract, then finally get the seller to pay YOU the realtors commission.  Finally you will learn how to write the necessary or contract or have us do it for you.

Negotiate the Best Deal on a House No Realtor Without Agent
Negotiate the Best Deal on a House No Realtor Without Agent

Don’t Fall For “But the Seller Pays the Agent’s Commission, so it’s FREE”

This is the first thing an agent will tell you, but its just NOT true! Money is Money, and it can go in your agents pocket or your pocket. So take the course now, what do you have to lose? It’s 100% Guaranteed to at least at the BARE MINIMUM save you 100 TIMES the cost of the class (about $4000 you save minimum).

Keep the Realtors Commission
Keep the Realtors Commission

How To Buy A House No Realtor – Buy Your Dream Home for Less Money 

You will learn how to negotiate like a king with these easy to do sales tactics.   Learn how to bargain with the seller and save more money then you ever dreamed of.   You cannot depend on a realtor solely to save you money,  with this training you can make sure you save 10’s of thousands of dollars.

buy your dream home for less
Buy Your Dream Home For Much Less the Asking Price

Realtors can hide the facts in paperwork

By you taking control of the transaction, you will know every step in the process from this easy course.   You will learn all the hidden pitfalls to watch out for.  Many times a realtor will see a pitfall, but hide it from you in the paperwork, or what they call bury it in the tons of paperwork you will sign at closing.  Then you close on the property, and later you discover the problem.

Realtors can hide the facts in the paperwork just to get paid.

Realtors Make Mistakes

It only takes about 2 months to get a real estate license, thus anyone with a GED and a few online courses can get a license.   Keep in mind the state does NOT care about saving YOU money.  The (state) real estate commission only cares about the realtor staying out of trouble and following the laws, nothing else.  You will learn how to make sure the transaction is done right.  You will also learn how to work with a realtor, & know how to make sure they do their job correctly.   Knowledge is power, and if you know what to look out for as a buyer, you can really save money & headaches.


Learn to Write The Sales Contract For Your Benefit & Protection

The sales contract is very easy to write with this course.  Just plug in a few fields and your done.  You will also learn some loop holes to write into the contract for your benefit and protection.  95% of realtors do not know about loop holes, and leave you EXPOSED for loss of money, headache, and time.

write the contract for your benefit not the sellers
Write the Contract for Your Benefit NOT the Sellers

Real Estate Broker On Your Side

If you need help, a licensed real estate broker is just a click away.   Maybe you have a question about a part of the contract, or maybe you just want the broker to fill it out for you.  Whatever you need, a licensed real estate broker, who is a member of the National Association of Realtors is here to help.
* Cost from as low as $47.00 !

Real Estate Broker to Help You Fill Out Forms for For Sale By Owner - Advice
Real Estate Broker to Help You Fill Out Forms for For Sale By Owner – Advice

100% Guaranteed to Save You 100x as Much as You Paid for This Course or Your Money Back in 24 Hours or Less

If I can’t save you at LEAST 100 TIMES the amount of this course, I will GLADLY refund your money the same day!  I only want 100% satisfied students! So if you have any issues at all and feel like you learned nothing I will issue a full refund in 24 hours or less.

100% refund guarantee if not happy with course
100% refund guarantee if not happy with course. We will refund every penny in 24 hours or less. We only want 100% HAPPY STUDENTS.

Regular Price $299 – Now Only $37 for Today ONLY!

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Have Questions?  We have Answer – Check out our FAQ’s

We have all the questions and answers for you here.  Frequently Asked Questions about Buying a Home With No Realtor / Agent.

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