Help… New Listing from a New Realtor.. GULP.. TYIA

Houston Heights Home For Sale with Garage Apt in $300 with big yard

Today I got a new listing here in the Houston Heights, and I did the photos myself, editing, captions, remarks, imagery etc…. Are these photos good enough you think. I am an amateur photographer just using my phone. I did edit them to highlight some features.. but is it too much editing. I don’t want to look like it’s fake and have any buyers displeased/surprised or does that matter? Truly realtors what is your opinion on that, or should I just focus on them getting in the door?

Listing on
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 2
Features: Garage Apt – Wood Floors – Full Remodel – Big Yard

I’m a new realtor, just started 6 months ago with a Heights Broker/Coach Allen Jimenez (, and he has helped me so much. But I think my listing can be better somehow, I feel like it is missing something and thought maybe a new pair of eyes could help. What do you honestly think?

I added some cool captions to each photo, Allen told me to try to use imagery words in order to allow the buyers mindset to envision living here… Do you think that will work?

Also when I first put the listing up I put up the max 30 photos… Allen said nope… its too many. Psychology shows the brain if too many options are presented can actually turn a buyer away…. Now that is weird… wow… I never knew that… He said something else too…. He is big into the psychology / mindset of buyers… it’s way too deep for me… But what are your thoughts on that?

Well thank you in advance, for your help I can refer anyone looking for a house outside of Heights/Montrose to you. My broker is super connected here in Heights/Montrose thank God… his 20 years paid off… Well folks leave your info along with what area you farm… I will send you some referrals. God Bless stay safe…

Travis Miller
832-919-5635 (Mobile/Text)

(Oh yea check out my new real estate sign…. is it too much… I want to stand out from the crowd… that what Broker Allen said… We are trying different things exciting… I have had a few call already from the sign. Do you remember that movie “I Love You Man” — Ok I am not going that extreme but it does work… what do you think of my sign seriously?

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