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Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck to Generate Real Estate Leads

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Getting the best bang for your buck when you need to Generate Real Estate Leads and sellers. This is the question that so many Realtors ask when they first get started. Does the answer really depend on how much cushion do you have? And when I say cushion, I mean how much money do you have in the bank saved.

The reason why I ask this is if you need money now then we have to go down a different avenue. But if you have some money for let’s say 60 days then I can take you down the correct path to set your foundation.

But I definitely understand if you need money now, when I first started out I was completely broke. I really took a chance getting into real estate. I paid a few thousand dollars when I first started with Champions School of Real Estate. Then I took some other courses that I thought were necessary. 

I come from very humble beginnings. My mom was on Section 8 and raised me on food stamps. I never even lived in a house, we just shifted around from apartments to apartments. In my mind, I thought that was normal for everyone. I’m telling you the story not to get sad but to inspire you. 

“If I can do it.. a kid from the ghetto with nothing and doesn’t know the right connections/people at all, then I definitely believe you can do it. In fact I know you can do it.”

Okay so in this Generate Real Estate Leads podcast above we are going to talk about putting food on the table now.  This means that we are going to look for a commission check in the next two weeks.

So what we are going to do is jump into a different area in real estate that some people overlook. Enjoy and keep pushing. Please subscribe and give a thumbs up. This helps us know we are doing something people like.

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