This Free Real Estate Training is something I do every day. It helped shape my business and personal life. I know we want to separate a business and personal life as much as possible, but these tips helps both. Perform this routine every day, 7 days a week it will have a huge impact on your life. I hope you enjoy it, and remember you can change somethings too. Make it your own to fit your life. It will be a little odd at first, but keep at it.

My Whole Life Was a Struggle Before a Morning Routine

My whole life has been a struggle, and this has given me a new perspective. I used to have all this resentment towards people who didn’t want to work hard for their money. But here I am, wanting to be more humble as I also understand the power of a morning routine.

Don’t Spend $1000’s on Real Estate Leads

Let’s start with this: No matter what you’re currently living in, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on real estate leads. You’re gonna work hard to make it and this is all part of the journey. Whether you can afford it or not, you need to prepare these: —You need to interview your friends and family members: will they integrate into your new reality? Mention that you’re depending on good people like themselves to refer business to you, but don’t expect them to come knocking right away with leads, it takes time. Find their stories and see where they’re at and really try to connect with them, don’t treat them like you just want something… treat them like people.

If you’re interviewing 10-15 people, make a list of questions you think they should answer that relate to their story. Bring it in for review. Then send it to them. Order from this list if you can.

In the next Class we talk about Mapping Potential High Leveled Clients – Luxury Market