Realtor Training for Holidays

Do Not Send a Happy Thanksgiving Text or Email!! Better add value

Turn Any Holiday Into A Commission Check – Become The Realtor Hero!

You need to add value to every touch

… and guess what?  A text or an email is a touch… Plus, we all get like 1000+ emails/text on holidays that say “Happy Whatever”… that is SOOO BORING!!  Let’s do something different.

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Let’s add value to our communication (text/email) you send to your clients.  Try this send them one of these topics.

  1. Best Thanksgiving Tips for a Juicy Turkey
  2. Make delicious sides in less than 10 minutes
  3. How to get everyone to take their shoes off before entering your home politely
  4. How to communicate with guests on what to bring to dinner

To sum up…. give them value! Be an extra set of hands for the holidays, not an extra text from a cold company!

— Copy and paste any of the topics below into GOOGLE and trust me, you will find something you will like.  Use a URL shortener to shorten the link so it fits in one text.  Most important we don’t want to annoy a client with a super long text, let’s keep it short and simple.

What else can I do to add value?

The list can go on and on, also you may want to personalize your text if you can.  We have that on our software in house. For instance, we can say stuff like;

“Hey [FirstName], hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving … Miss our days together looking at homes”…. our software changes [FirstName] to your client’s first name.

I hope this tip serves you well… Happy Turkey Day… God Bless and above all remember we are not promised tomorrow.  So hug your family members and friends as tight as possible.

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