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Dammit you new Realtors Need to Stop Right Now & Do This!

Okay it’s time for some tough love. Listen up new realtors… stop what the hell you are doing right now. Put everything up and turn your phone off and turn all notifications off for Facebook, Instagram and all that BS. You are going to sit down and set up your foundation for Real Estate. I am so tired of old and new Realtors not setting up their Foundation because they’re all excited about selling homes but they don’t want to take the time and set up their foundation.

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New Realtors: Start by Doing This

We are going to do this nice and easy open up Excel spreadsheet. Across the top I want you to write these columns;

  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

After you do that I want you to freeze the top row. Because we’re going to be adding new records and I want you to be able to see the top column pretty easily. Now I can already hear the lazy realtor talking and thinking right now. Their first excuse is I don’t know all this information about my sphere of influence / friends.

No worries, we’re going to work through this.

Send a Mass Text

I want you to go to your smartphone and I know you have one. I want you to select your top 25 to 50 people and send them a mass text

message. you are going to throw an event and it could be any type of event. It can be a just a family Barbecue that you invite them to. So you are going to make up an event that’s going to happen next 7 to 14 days.

The text message has to be only 255 characters long and I wanted to be something like this.

What r u up to? Hows life? I’m throwing a BBQ next Saturday can u plezzzeee come? U must… send me your email & home address pleassssee… Im send out special invites with a prize drawing to be fun.

So now your guest will reply back and say yes of course I will go to your barbecue here’s my email address and here’s my mailing address. For u realtors that are pessimistic don’t worry you don’t have to give away anything expensive, it could be something in your house that you’re not even using, hell it could be a plant, shirt, old furniture, calenders, whatever….

What Else Can New Realtors Do?

So if you are actually reading this article most likely you are a new realtor or need help getting set up, so seriously stop what the hell you are doing right now and do this. Subscribe to my next video for next training on setting up your foundation to become the next millionaire real estate agent.

Sorry for ranting, but I keep training these new Realtors and they jump the gun every single time and don’t take the time to set up their Foundation. Then they fell in the next 3 to 6 months to return to their regular job. It happened to another great potential realtor, & I begged her to set up her foundation. Did she listen? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO … now shes back at her receptionist job. I’m pissed, maybe at myself. Maybe I should have been harder on her.

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