Fixing and Flipping Properties – Training Class

This course is about how to find properties that you can make an extreme amount of profit from. We will also discuss where to find lenders that will not only give you the money to buy it, but also the money to fix it.

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Class Description:

  • Learn how to define which area you should consider investing in
  • Learn how to analyze a property to define future value.
  • Learn about ARV and basics of mortgage rules / laws that coincide with fixing and flipping properties
  • Learn how to determine repair cost
  • Learn how to locate the best contractors
  • Learn how to work with contractors


  • Fixing and flipping properties can be very profitable, however one of the main foundation rules is first defining your area (s) of expertise.
  • When do finding an area for comps research, it is very important that you use the map feature correctly. As this is one of the most glorified incorrect ways of pulling comps and thus giving you incorrect data to provide a accurate value on a property. They can cost you tens or hundreds of thousand dollars.  In this lesson will be covering Hands-On how to accurately define an area using the map tool,
  • The most important aspect of deciding to purchase a fixer upper investment deal.  This has to be done with 100% accuracy, and then do it two more times, and then ask for more research from a BPO in the area.  in this lesson will discuss how to determine the profits  from a fixer upper. 
  • In this lesson will be focusing on determining the arv, the after repair value in a fixer upper / investment property.  The arv is the most important calculation to determine profits, it has to be done with 100% accuracy.  In this lesson will be focusing on arv ranges and percentages that would it take the purchase of any real estate investment property.
  • In this lesson we were reviewing how Banks and appraisers will dictate your profits, and the legalities behind mortgages.
  • how to stay out of court and if you do fall in court to stay protected from your personal assets. You don't want to get sued and for that client or customer to come after your home, your bank account, your car, and any other assets you own. Let's stay safe by following these lessons that I will teach you.
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