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Alan Jimz
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Day trading class, buying/selling stocks or swing trading stocks can be extremely profitable.  One of the best years we had since 1927 was 2020 and the Wall Street Journal shows that 2021 will even be better.  In this course you will learn the fundamentals of stock trading, how to get set up, what to expect, and then you can proceed to the advanced course.

This crash course will teach you the fundamentals of stock trading. By the end of this course you will be able to  read a chart,  and understand the most common  fundamentals that professionals use.

We talked about how to get set up with a brokerage and which brokerage is right for you. We talked about the legalities of day trading.

You will also learn about  the risk versus reward method,  in which you will completely understand the loss that you’re willing to accept for the potential gain.  

In this course you will learn how to look for specific strategies in a chart That can result in a huge profitable trade. 

We will also talk about how to set up a simulated software that you can do some live trading with play money. In the simulation is highly recommended that you practice for at least 30 to 90 days in order for your profit-and-loss statements to be profitable. Keep in mind this is play money in the simulator but using live data.

Day Trading Class is a crash course that any beginner can take.  The Day Trading Class is only about 12 HOURS long, and can be completed in less then 12 days.  I recommend you take one Day Trading Class per day, that is one hour each day.

Graduated Student from – Warrior Trading is taught by Ross Cameron.  The course he sells cost about $6000 and as low as $3600 per year.  This is a lifetime course for $247. I offer a 30 day money back guarantee, if you don’t learn anything or feel the course is not worth it, 24 hour refund no questions asked. Pay by Paypal and any credit cards for your safety. Real estate broker #0549644 Allen Jimenez teaches the course.


Keep in mind Day Trading is risky, you must study study study, then study some more. Then use a simulator until your prove profitability consistency. Most day traders lose money, use a simulator until you prove profitability.

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Day Trading Classes Free Course Online now with ease.  Now you can join the day trading class online and learn how to master day trading.

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Section 1 - Getting Your Computer Setup

  • How To Set Up Your Day Trading Account
  • How To Set Up Your Charting Software
  • How To Set Up Your Scanners

Section 2 - The essentials of Stock Trading

  • Technical Analysis Fundamental Training
  • In Depth Fundamental Training – VWAP, EMA's

Section 3 - Understanding the Trading Platform

  • Setting Up Your Hotkeys
  • Entering a Precision Entry
  • Setting Up Your Stops Correctly

Section 4 - Strategy Day Trading Training

  • Bull Flag / Bear Flag Strategy
  • Pivot High Of Day
  • Reversal of Gapper

About Instructor

  • Alan Jimz

    Licensed Real Estate Broker & Coach TX #0549644 -- 15 yrs Experience in Real Estate 100's+ Successful Transaction completed -- 20+ Investment Flips -- 20+ Wholesale Transactions Completed -- 10+ Renovations / New Construction Projects Completed -- Commercial Mortgage Broker since 2008 at


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4 Reviews

    I took the course and got a good understanding of how to trade. Allen teaches you what you need to know, not all the BS. Straight to the point… Love it… made my about 2700 this month already from his techniques.

    Day Trading crash course was just what I was looking for… You learn what to do… and when to do it. Great course. Worth every penny.

    Allen really helped me make money … I couldn’t afford the Warrior Trading course, so thank God I found this one for about 80% off… Thanks again Al..

    Fantastic Day Trading course… I wish I took this class years ago… I didn’t even know what a VWAP was or how the Volume works…. Wow now I know so much. Made about $855 this week so far! Take the class

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