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Converting FSBO – For Sale by Owner Convert to Listings – Leads

Converting FSBO to Listings

Converting FSBO: Working with For Sale By Owner properties can be extremely beneficial. It is an entire avenue of commission’s unexplored. Many agents fail to realize the importance of converting for sale by owners simply for the reason they don’t know how. In this podcast today will be talking about converting for sale by owners and how to add value for the owner.

Many realtors make the mistake of simply asking for the listing, and I don’t think this is bad however we have to be strategic. Unfortunately when you call there will be about 20 other Realtors calling that same person. So you have to stand out. We do this using psychological methods and providing extreme service.

Here are a few Converting FSBO methods that I use in the last 15 years in the real estate business. I hope you enjoy them and if you see anything I can improve on please make a comment or send me a message I’m always eager to improve.  Thanks again.

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If you don’t want to get licensed for real estate you can do Wholesaling without a license –

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