Cold Calling

Cold Calling Tips for Sales Professionals

When doing cold calling it’s so important that you do not sound like a robot. Yes, we use scripts but these scripts are not made or we don’t make scripts so that you can just read from them.

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We all received these telemarketers calling us and all they do is read from a script. You know exactly what I mean :-). So let’s try to avoid that and here are some tips that you can do, and that I do every single day when I do my cold calling or warm calling LOL.

Positive energy to start Cold Calling

In your office do a couple of push-ups or some squats or something to get you motivated. Use that energy in a positive manner so you don’t sound nervous over the phone. Before you start making some calls put yourself in the or in a positive mindset.

And where we can buy that? Just think of something happy. Think of something that puts you in a happy place. For me, it’s when I’m with my daughter and we were on the beach and she was running around acting silly. That always brings a smile to my face. No matter how mad I am. If I think about it, I smile.

The reason why this is so important is that our voice and tone resonate with the receiver, and subconsciously he interprets it. So if you sound nervous or not confident he automatically repels you for some odd reason, even he doesn’t know why. It’s all done on an atomic level.

Now as I said before do not read from a script. Just use an outline and have a flow chart based on answers that your client receives. For example, if he says: “no, I’m not looking to buy a property at the current moment”. Then you would possibly say: “ Okay fantastic, no worries. I will be in real estate for many many years; maybe I could send you some information about the advantages and disadvantages of owning a home”…  

Or maybe he says: “no, I’m not looking to sell my home”. Then you would say: “ Oh no worries, I’ve been doing real estate for X years and I’ll be here when you’re ready. What I could do is send you some information about the market value of your property every so often. Would that be okay?”

It is all about Preparation

You have to be prepared but you cannot sound like a robot. You just need to have some planning done. And don’t worry about planning too much, because you’ll never get started. Just write some things down as you start and some notes when you receive common questions.

This is one of the most important aspects of calling is using enthusiasm. Enthusiasm sales and in my more specific course about getting started in real estate we talked about this indep and practice. You have to use enthusiasm in your personal sales life and your business sells life.

And yes I said personal sales life…  we are all trying to sell something. Even when you found your spouse you had to sell yourself to her and she had to sell herself to you. It’s a certain form of marketing.

Think about it dressing nice, jewelry, cars, perfume… It’s all a form of marketing! We are trying to attract someone or something or maybe just have people respect us. But no matter what it is, it is a form of marketing.

Don’t Sound Like a ROBOT!  Be genuine, use longer vowels…. use enthusiasm ! Enthusiasm sells!

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