Buy a property as a couple

Caution When You Buy A Property As A Couple

If you or your spouse buy a property as a couple, you will have to split the proceeds on the sale, regardless if you/him has paid for everything.  There is a workaround but you have to disclose it first, before signing the paperwork at closing.  The declaration is easy, simply state true facts, crystal clear.

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Such as for example:

When we sell the house all proceeds will go to YOURNAME HERE.  SpouseName will not receive any proceeds from the sale of the property.

I know this is harsh words, but you want to stay crystal clear before you go out to Buy A Property As A Couple.

Iona ItaliaWow. We receive only what you can prove you put it. For example, if you have bought a house together and you paid 10% of the cost, your husband has…




antihero_kateI’m the US it’s a very real thing. You get half of everything or more. Even after just several years of marriage.


Iona ItaliaAlimony—this mythical thing we supposedly get when we divorce wealthy men. Yeah. It doesn’t actually translate into any money in your bank account, though, does it? I’ve never been poorer than after divorce.




Geoffrey MillerIf gender feminists support sexual equality in all things, why don’t they organize marches against alimony?
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