building your database

Building Your Database

Building your database is one of the most critical aspects of your real estate career. Correction, it is the most important aspect of your real estate career. Many Realtors will try to start their career without a database. But at a certain point in time they find out they are utterly lost.

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Without any direction, they don’t know what to do everyday. They are running around like a chicken, putting out fires, and not generating leads. You have to treat real estate as a business. And if you don’t feel it like a business you want her nearly as much as you could.

Without a database you can’t set any automated plans, you cannot set any drip plans or text plans. You won’t know who to contact and on what days to contact. In this lesson, we’re talking about the importance of a Building Your Database and what is a database.

Start With Personal Contacts

Use your Sphere Of Interest (SOI), that is, your family, friends, and closest people to start your database. Let them know about your new profession! I’m sure you don’t want to see your best friend sells their house with some other agent! Remember people buy from people they trust, so spread the word and get those commissions.

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