Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Best 5 Realtor Marketing Secrets

#1 – Don’t Send Crappy Spammy “Open House / New Listing” Emails to Every Realtors in the City

You need to be more creative then that. That will only annoy agents, and then eventually have you in a SPAM folder permanently.

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#2 – Your Headline is the Most Important Section

The Headline is Key, whether it is a email subject or the headline of your Facebook post.. Headline is key. You must grad the reader, stats show we only have about 3 seconds to grab their attention MAX!

#3 – Define Your Audience

This is super important… ask yourself these questions for marketing;

  • How old are my buyers/sellers
  • Where do they live
  • Where do they hang out at
  • What do they like to do
  • What movies/series do they most likely like
  • What would they follow
  • What groups may they be a part of
  • Most importantly
    • Who are they NOT
    • Same questions but in reverse (we can run an EXCLUDE statement is the campaign)

#4 – Mass Text Home Owners Close to The Listing

This is a new feature for 2021, but it has a 930% chance of being read vs an email… Yep you read that right. So you can send 1000 emails and only 70 of them get read vs 930 read text messages…. Text message Blast are powerful if done right.

#5 – Reach out Personally to Agents Who Master The Neighborhood

This is super cool…. and overlooked. Don’t think other agents in the area are you competitors, think of them as allies. We are all here for a common goal. Sell/Buy more homes. The area pros will have a list of buyers/sellers ready to go. So reach out PERSONALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a text Not a Email… Call them… be polite and tell them about what you got. You may even sweeten them up with a free Starbucks coffee or something.

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