Best 10 For Sale by Owner Scripts for 2021

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Best 10 For Sale by Owner Scripts for 2021 is how I was able to get over 37 listings for my newest agent/mentoree. She is a new agent started in Feb 2021 and followed these 10 FSBO scripts. You should be Calling FSBO (For-Sale-By-Owner) leads is one of the most effective paths to more listing “loot.” Why? These homeowners want to sell their home but assume working with an agent means money down the drain. With the right FSBO script, you can obliterate their assumptions by helping them sell quicker, easier, and for more money than they would without you. Use these scripts today to get more dollars from every dial. Most For-Sale-By-Owners are convinced they don’t need an agent to sell their home for the most profit. The facts say otherwise.

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For Sale by Owner’s think they will save money without an agent, but that’s far from the truth. Realtors educate fsbo and show them how you can aid them.

According to a National Association of Realtors study, a typical FSBO home sells for $185,000 compared to $240,000 for agent-assisted sales. That’s a $55,000 difference!

National Association of Realtors

Even after a 6% commission, sellers are over $40,000 better off listing with an agent. That’s where you come in. Use the Best 10 For Sale by Owner Scripts to guide a homeowner. We must be the guide and the goal is to educate the home owner how we can save them / make them more money.

A most critical piece is to not talk down to a home owner (i.e., overpromise). Avoid promises so low you can’t back them up. Look them in the eye while you offer solutions. Save the BS/TALK for your pitch deck. DO NOT ramble on about every little detail of your product/services. Save that stuff for your legislative director/selection committee hearing when you need to convince them. The bottom line is, focus on the core reasons they’re moving forward with you and a solution to help them move faster (I’ll leave the options and outcomes out for this script). Invariably, they will probe for specific solutions and all that you can offer. Onward! For people buying already-occupied homes, any slide show or video should do the trick fine…if they only know what you promise. ?

Don’t promise
Don’t promise values we cannot prove. This will just make you look bad, show them relevant comps and educate fsbo’s.

For Sale by Owner Scripts are a powerful way to gain listings fast and quick. But use the tactics I learned over my 15 year career as a real estate broker and coach.

I know you’re thinking, “Alan, I don’t have time for this,” and you’re absolutely correct. Yours is just one client out of 30,000. But this one sale is life-changing for dozens more (maybe even hundreds if you have a close friend or family member in the market). Next time, NEITHER: Show them what all the fuss is about — having already foreclosed (and are preparing for title) to take the best offer from multiple suitors, OR Show them you’re busy but working your weekends off (spend a few minutes getting to know the client, then separation agreement & closing documents in a timely fashion) and add a little too much fluff to illustrate the busy nature of the business. ?
I move you to action: Pull up your answer and start building a template for next time.

Best 10 For Sale by Owner Scripts does take time to learn so practice with your coach … most importantly practice the objections and do NOT sound like a ROBOT!

Alan Jimz – Real Estate Broker and Coach
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Don’t sound like a robot when you call… Enthusiam sells! Laugh, extend your vowels… Be warm and smile..(trust me)

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