Are You A Realtor or a Bug-A-Boo?

Realtors please stop spamming your clients. At the bare minimum you need to refine your database or your CRM or even if you just have an Excel spreadsheet.

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You need to Define your Client List and refine it. For example if one of your clients lives in the Houston Heights and the other one lives in Katy Texas. These two people cannot receive the same newsletter. ‘

You need to understand that each point of communication whether it be through a text message, blog, or email all have to be relevant to that client or that prospective client. Otherwise you’re just bugging this client and you’ll end up in the spam box eventually. 

Or worst …is you will have this client not want to do business with you. You have to send your clients relevant information that is valuable.   You should be developing and cultivating a relationship.

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