About HPAgents.com

We take the ordinary agent and shape them into extraordinary agents.

We are here to push & guide you

Real estate is a very demanding yet very lucrative career.  Many go at real estate alone, and unfortunately quit within 3-6 months.  We make sure that does not happen,  we guide you thru each lesson till you master that course.  Our online courses give you the ability to take each lesson on your time table, then as you progress we move into the personal mentorship program.  The personal mentorship / coaching is highly recommended to push you and guide you in the right direction.  We focus on YOU, we focus on what your goals are and we simply use our experience to make sure you avoid any potholes that we have been thru in the last 15+ years in real estate.

Super Charged in Real Estate Training Course

This course involves strategic planning for finding eligible buyers and sellers. Script training, foundation building, SOI Training, CRM Training, and much more.

Fixing and Flipping Real Estate Course

This course is how to find the best deals, negotiate, finding contractors, working with contractors, working with lenders that will give you the $ to buy & fix the property.

Why Choose Us ?

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You will learn from someone who as been in the business for more then 15+ Years, is a licensed real estate broker, has flipped and fixed multiple properties, has built new construction homes, sold tons of commercial real estate, and so much more….

We all need that someone to guide, push, and train us to reach the next level in our careers, fitness, and mental health.  Here at HPAgents we mentor you like no other company can, hands on we guide you thru the trenches, we monitor your cold calls, we positive style critique you, and so much more.

We understand you are super busy, but you want to change your life for the better.  Thus, we take advantage of technology and use every avenue to educate you, from Video training, Group online classes, Podcast, and online exams.  Join us and change your life for the better now.