5 Ways To Make More Money in Real Estate Than Ever!

So you hear so many people making a lot of money in real estate, but then you see some real estate agents struggling what’s the difference between the two?

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The number one reason I see so many real estate agents making six figures or more is they set up a plan of action and stick to the plan. That brings me to my number one way.

1. Set a plan of attack to make money in real estate

Use technology for your advantage, create trip plans, drip text plans, finals, and follow-up plans

2. Don’t take no for an answer

When you do your cold calls and your warm calls don’t take no for an answer. Because it’s basic instinct, uman instinct to repel salespeople. All they want to do is get you off the phone and get back to the regular life. They will lie to you to your face and say they’re not going to buy for the next 5 years. But when you call back and 6 months if they have bought a house. so be nice and be professional but keep following up.

3. Use the people you know

Use the people you know to make money, you have to get those people you know to start referring you business. You need a mesmerize they’re mine, that you are the number one real estate agent in the world. and you do this by constantly reminding them that you are the number one real estate agent!

4. Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate is one hell of a way to make a ton of money. But keep in mind it will take time. Commercial real estate deals take anywhere between 3 months and 6 months to close. So before jumping into commercial real estate make sure you have a good cushion of money to pay your bills.

5. Don’t underestimate rentals

So you get your foot in the door with clients by starting with residential rentals. These give you quick cash flow as they get paid as soon as 48 hours. Focus on properties that are a little bit more expensive, and when those clients are ready to move our by they will come to you. Guaranteed if you did a good job.

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